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Civil Engineering

At PTG Consulting, we're proud to contribute to the force driving future development. Engineering is more than just construction; it's about building a better tomorrow. We're excited to play a role in shaping the world, using our expertise to design solutions that not only make communities more resilient but also prioritise sustainability and environmental well-being.  Every project is an opportunity to create a positive impact, and we're honoured to lead the way in driving future development through the power of engineering while fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

We strive to shape both urban and rural landscapes, creating environments centred around people that not only meet the brief but are sustainable and forward-thinking. Our forte lies in crafting infrastructure designs that adapt to the ever-changing environment. Understanding the challenges posed by climate change, we collaborate with clients to fully comprehend their brief, appointing dedicated project leaders to maintain seamless communication and ensure total client satisfaction.

Structural Engineering

In a world that's always evolving, structural engineering plays a crucial role in creating the foundations of progress. At PTG Consulting, we see our work not just as designing buildings but as shaping a better future. Structural engineering is like the quiet superhero behind strong, lasting structures that make our lives better. Our commitment is to bring fresh and practical ideas to every project, making sure we're building a tomorrow that's solid, innovative, and affordable. With every design, we're not just providing a service – we're laying the groundwork for a world where every building stands as a symbol of human potential and possibility.

PTG Consulting offers a distinctive approach to Structural Engineering services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Whether it's mining, industrial, commercial, or residential projects spanning low to high-rise structures, our expertise lies in creating solutions that seamlessly blend practicality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

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Transport Advisory

Our team of experienced transport professionals provide comprehensive guidance to help make the roads in our communities safer and more accessible for all road users.

Whether you need assistance with a Transport Assessment as part of a Development Application or help designing safer infrastructure, implementing traffic calming measures, or parking design, we tailor our advice to your specific transportation and road safety needs.

We are guided by the belief that well-informed, thoughtful transportation planning and policymaking can create road systems where all users can safely and effectively get from A to B.

This philosophy drives our commitment to being trusted advisors, empowering our clients with the knowledge and insights to make their transportation networks safe and accessible for all.

At PTG Consulting, our passion is leveraging the latest data and research to unlock the potential of more efficient and safer roads. With expertise across all facets of traffic engineering, transport planning and road safety, we can assist you in mapping out the smartest interventions and policies for your unique situation. Roads should connect communities, not divide them. This ideal motivates us each day as we work to help you plan and build transportation systems where all road users can truly thrive.

Acoustics Engineering

Our wide range of experience ensures that practical, cost-effective acoustic solutions are our priority, along with high levels of client communication at various stages to clearly identify and deliver the needs of the project and stakeholders. We specialise in development of suitable assessment criteria, public consultation and presentation and noise computer modelling for noise impact assessment, barrier design and   property treatments.

We also provide design of practical mitigation measures for major infrastructure projects, including liaison with stakeholders, and  preparation of acoustic assessments and noise management plans encompassing operational and construction noise and vibration impacts from a wide range of industrial, commercial and major infrastructure sources

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Transport Engineering

We view network management and road safety as ethical imperatives - issues that require an understanding of the diverse needs of all road users. By taking an inclusive approach focused on capacity, sustainability, and safety, we aim to set every client on the path towards a more sustainable development and road network.

In our Transport Engineering services at PTG Consulting, we transcend conventional approaches, offering tailored solutions for various needs. Whether you're navigating a Transport Assessment for a Development Application or seeking assistance in designing safer infrastructure, implementing traffic calming measures, or optimising parking solutions, our expertise is customised to address your specific transportation and road safety requirements.

Guided by the belief that well-informed transportation planning can transform road systems into safe and efficient spaces for all users, we go beyond the ordinary to be trusted advisors. Our commitment is not just about engineering; it's about empowering you with knowledge and insights to ensure your transportation networks are safe and accessible for everyone.

Geotechnical Engineering

PTG Consulting boasts a team of over 25 geotechnical professionals, including geotechnical engineers, geologists, geotechnicians, and scientists, offering a comprehensive suite of ground engineering services. Collaborating closely with disciplines such as transport, structures, bridges, environmental services, and GIS teams, we deliver safe, practical, and sustainable solutions. From project inception through feasibility studies, detailed assessments, design phases, and construction supervision to completion reporting, our team is actively engaged across various client projects and sectors.

Our geotechnical design expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, spanning shallow and deep foundation design, ground settlement analysis, slope risk assessments, remedial design, dam and levee engineering, pavement design, soft soils engineering, ground improvement, retaining structures, temporary support works, and beyond.

Versatility is a hallmark of our team, as we undertake diverse site activities including inspections, geotechnical investigations, geological mapping, rail and road pavement assessments, monitoring and instrumentation, groundwater and hydrogeological assessments, and construction support. Complementing our on-site operations, we conduct comprehensive soil and rock laboratory testing managed through our network of testing facilities.

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