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St George Uniting Church

Project type

Geotechnical Engneering




St Kilda, Victoria

The former Saint George’s Presbyterian Church, which stands on busy Chapel Street in St Kilda East, is a well known and loved local landmark, not least of all because of its strikingly tall (33.5 metre or 110 foot) banded bell tower which can be spotted from far away. In the Nineteenth Century when it was built, it would have been even more striking for its great height and domineering presence. Designed by architect Albert Purchas, the former Saint George’s Presbyterian Church is often referred to as his ecclesiastical tour-de-force, and it is most certainly one of his most dramatic and memorable churches.

PTG Consulting was engaged to inspect the project location where water inundation into the subfloor of the church’s footprint was observed. The range of expertise and advice provided for this project include the remediation of soft soils as a result of water seepage, design of a temporary working platform to enable construction plant to operate within the area and the bearing capacity of the various subsoil layers for installation of new stump footings.

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