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Geotechnical Engineering




Oxenford, Queensland

Topgolf is an interactive and innovative take on the typical golf driving range which uses electronically tracked golf balls for scoring in a variety of game modes.

Originating in the United States, the first and only Topgolf facility in Australia was constructed in 2017 at Movie World on the Gold Coast, costing approximately $35M.

The site spans approximately 6 hectares which showcases the enormous blue Topgolf logo, clearly visible from the Pacific Motorway at Oxenford.

PTG Consulting were commissioned to provide geotechnical engineering construction services and investigation, as well as construction materials testing in order to aid the projects success. These covered various aspects of the project including:

- Bearing capacity assessments
- Temporary batter inspections
- Temporary working platforms
- Pile inspections
- Slope/W analysis
- Remediation recommendations

The project faced many obstacles due to the difficult geology of the site which comprised alluvial soils with poor insitu bearing. In order to overcome these obstacles PTG Consulting provided our client with smart geotechnical advice that resulted in smart and practical solutions.

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