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Tweed Sand Plant

Project type

Acid Sulfate Soils Investigation




Tweed Heads, New South Wales

As part of the upgrade to the Tweed Sand Plant, which is operated by Hanson’s, several pavement widenings were undertaken. These included Altona Road, Tweed Coast Road, the intersection of Crescent Street and Altona Road, and the intersection of Crescent Street and Tweed Coast Road. These pavement upgrades were undertaken to improve vehicular access to the Tweed Sand Plant.

PTG Consulting was commissioned to undertake a geoenvironmental investigation as part of the design phase of the upgrade with a significant focus on undertaking an acid sulfate soils (ASS) investigation. The team undertook a fieldwork regime that included twenty-six boreholes and recovering samples for ASS testing following ASS guidelines. Upon completion of pH and chromium suite laboratory testing, we were then able to provide our client with recommendations on requirements for the management of encountered ASS to ensure that the project would be undertaken within council guidelines and to inform all relevant stakeholders on how to manage any environmental impacts.

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