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Yatala Logistics Hub


Yatala, Queensland


Structural, Geotechnical

The Yatala Logistics Hub is strategically situated at the crossroads of Peachy Road and Stanmore Road, offering unparalleled accessibility to the Pacific M1 Motorway via Exits 38 and 41. Nestled midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Yatala serves as a pivotal logistics and distribution hub in Southeast Queensland. The site boasts an expansive 3.438 hectares of industrial zoned land, meticulously bench-graded and compacted, fully equipped with essential services, and primed for development. With a net useable area spanning 29,680 square meters, it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence in construction and engineering.

We’re proud of our involvement in the construction of the Yatala Logistics Hub, a huge undertaking valued at $25 million. The project reflects our commitment to collaboration, displaying the synergy between our geotechnical, construction materials testing, and engineering teams. Together, we have successfully brought to fruition a sprawling industrial site spanning over 30 hectares.

Between the years 2019 and 2022, our multi-disciplinary team undertook a diverse range of responsibilities, which encompassed:

- Bulk Earthworks: We executed all aspects of bulk earthworks to establish the foundation for this substantial project.

- Geotechnical Engineering Certification: Our geotechnical experts ensured that the site met all necessary engineering standards and certifications.

- Retaining Wall Design and Certification: Our team designed and certified retaining walls that stretched an impressive 10 meters in height and spanned almost 850 meters in length!

- Global Stability Analysis and Anchor & Shotcrete Designs: We conducted comprehensive global stability analyses and designed secure anchor and shotcrete solutions to fortify the project’s structural integrity.

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