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Building Engineering Talent Across Borders

Australia's ongoing infrastructure boom demands a steady influx of skilled engineers to spearhead various projects. However, like many nations facing similar challenges, Australia grapples with shortages in qualified engineering talent. This scarcity extends to engineers educated overseas, presenting hurdles in their integration into the Australian engineering landscape.

Enter Engineers Australia and their Global Engineering Talent Program (GET). This program, born out of a need identified in Engineers Australia's research on the barriers faced by skilled migrant engineers, aims to bridge the gap between overseas talent and Australian engineering opportunities.

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Engineers Australia has curated a comprehensive program designed to connect Australian engineering employers who are looking to hire talented professionals with qualified and experienced engineers, who are currently either under or unemployed and already living in Australia. The GET Program is being driven and supported by Engineering Education Australia (EEA) who will provide upfront and ongoing learning and development to assist participants to integrate successfully into your organisation. It is delivered in two parts, first a blended learning program (6 weeks) which includes a simulated multi-disciplinary project and then a 12-week placement with a host employer.

Headshot image of Anita Anchery
Anita Anchery, Structural Engineer

Recently, our team at PTG Consulting had the pleasure of welcoming Anita Anchery, a talented structural engineer, as part of the GET program. Anita brings a wealth of experience, having worked in India for four years before relocating to Australia in 2018. Despite facing challenges in securing suitable opportunities upon her arrival, Anita's perseverance led her to the doors of Engineers Australia's GET program.

Reflecting on her journey, Anita shares, "I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Engineers Australia's GET program. It has allowed me to rekindle my passion for structural engineering and align myself with projects that resonate with my expertise."

Anita's enthusiasm for joining our team at PTG Consulting highlights the significance of initiatives like the GET program in empowering overseas qualified engineers to contribute meaningfully to Australia's engineering and booming infrastructure landscape.

Anita's aspirations mirror the program's objectives, as she seeks to broaden her knowledge in structural design, particularly in timber buildings, and gain hands-on experience in diverse engineering projects.

At PTG Consulting, we recognise the value that diverse perspectives and experiences bring to our team. Anita's addition not only enriches our talent pool but also shows our commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and innovation.

We are thrilled to have Anita on board and look forward to the contributions she will make to our team. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Anita as she embarks on this new chapter of her engineering career with PTG Consulting.


We're proud to be contributing to Building Engineering Talent Across Borders.


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