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PTG Consulting adds Acoustics team with industry veterans

PTG Consulting is excited to announce the addition of Julie McDonagh and Liam McDonagh, to form a new acoustics team.

With nearly 50 years of collective experience in acoustics, Julie and Liam bring a wealth of knowledge, positioning PTG Consulting to provide innovative solutions for clients' acoustics engineering needs.

Clients seeking expert guidance can connect with Julie and Liam directly at The duo is ready to offer tailored solutions for a wide range of acoustics challenges.

This strategic move underscores PTG Consulting's commitment to excellence and positions them as industry leaders in acoustics engineering. The company looks forward to the collaborative efforts that will shape the future of their acoustics solutions.

A warm welcome is extended to Julie and Liam from the entire PTG Consulting team. For all acoustics engineering inquiries, clients are encouraged to connect with Julie and Liam at and experience their unmatched expertise.


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